Things about Mel

As an archaeologist and journalist my work is fuelled by a passion to search out stories that foster community connection.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing how archaeology can fuel curiosity and spark change. Working in England, Ireland, Germany and Canada for example I have helped a young reader decode inscriptions on 2,000 year-old coins, discovered an ancient settlement under an English football field and helped farmers learn more about the past peoples who once lived and worked their fields.

Now a journalist and writer living in the community of Powell River, British Columbia I have built on my archaeological experiences producing stories celebrating leadership, community resilience and environmental stewardship: the Heiltsuk artist using sculpture to bring Powell River and the Tla’amin Nation together in reconciliation and healing; the community and church groups working together to sponsor refugees; and the local naturalists tracking Humpback recovery near former whaling stations in the Malaspina Strait.

An avid trail runner, hiker and swimmer and I spend my free time exploring the trails and natural beauty around my Sunshine Coast home — with an occasional break to play the ukulele with my friends.