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I am a professional archaeologist with approximately 10 years of experience in conducting terrestrial archaeological assessments, monitoring assessments and research excavation projects in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France and Germany.

My responsibilities included supervision of field crews on various archaeological excavations as well as recording archaeological sites and finds. I have particular strengths in drafting assessment report, as well as interim and final reports.

I have completed research at MA and Phd level, and have extensive employment experience with Gahan and Long in Belfast.

Winter Archaeology

Winter Archaeology in Belfast, UK

My expertise encompasses planning and directing excavations, writing reports in compliance with developer and governmental requirements and specifications and producing maps, site plans and finds drawing using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD and ArcGIS.

Beyond writing and drawing I also have extensive experience cataloguing and maintaining digital archives. I am also proficient in database development using SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Excel and FileMaker Pro.

Warmer Climes: Sangro Valley, Abruzzo, Italy

Warmer Climes: Sangro Valley, Abruzzo, Italy


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