Borden and Archaeology in British Columbia

One of my favourite reads about the early days of archaeology at UBC is a 1977 Masters Thesis by Anne M. Williams entitled, “Carl [sic] Borden and Archaeology in British Columbia: An Interactive History.”

A series of transcribed interviews with Charles Borden, UBC’s “Founding Father” of Archaeology. The thesis tells the tale of misbegotten surveys with sunken boats, lost equipments and car fires as well as Borden’s musing on his students’ laziness…

One of my favourite parts of the thesis involves Borden’s recollection of himself, UBC’s president and the Dean crawling through windows in search for office space for the nascent school of archaeology. The language he uses makes it sound as if establishing archaeology at UBC was the result of a long and bitter campaign.

I particularly like the bit where he recalls competing with a janitor for the space. From such humble beginnings…

I invite you to dig in and read more. The thesis is freely available at the UBC Library here.

You might also like to check out an earlier post I wrote about Borden here.



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