#BlogArch January 2014: It was the best of posts, it was the worst of posts


Too Much?

My blog is rather small potatoes, so there isn’t much difference between a good post and a bad post, web traffic-wise.  But looking critically at one’s own blog is a good exercise, so here goes.

The Best: “Archaeology- What is it?

This is be my most looked at post-and hence my “best” post.

I attribute it’s popularity to it’s being stuck up on the home page.

The picture may also have something to do with it….a man, a moustache, a saucy smile and a trench.  That’s a real photo of a real old timey archaeologist who worked at the Oppidum of Manching in Germany (circa 1930’s).

“Watch it there- my moustache is doing archaeology!”

“Archaeology- You like it!”

I had the chance to dig with the Roman-German Commission at Manching and man we all loved that photo- and the old East German Guard Station we got to use as a dig hut.

This is probably the meatiest post on my blog.

The post is the fruit of a real life conversation I had with Damien G. Walters– writer, Guardian columnist, good listener and friend. I was just finishing up my thesis, was academically burned out.  Being a freelance writer, Damo was always free for a coffee and chat.  One day over said coffee Damo asked me what archaeology was?  We got to talking…well he wouldn’t stop asking questions.  It surprised me – I actually liked talking about archaeology!

It was Damien to encouraged me to start a blog and eventually, several months later, I did.  Damien is all the way in Thailand now, and I am in Canada- but we are still friends on the interwebs- thanks technology!

The Worst: “Christmas Gifts from our Dinosaur Ancestors or An Early Hominid’s Guide to Gift Giving

By the numbers, “More than a fan of Archaeology” is my worst post- only four views- but since people actually commented I consider this post a winner.

My worst post, in terms of low views and no comments, was one of the Christmas posts referencing the gift of our long ago ancestors who gave us opposable thumbs.

This was a piece of whimsy inspired by a picture in an older book on Hominids.  Ancient Man- hairy arms using tools.  Modern Man- hairy arm in shirt sleeves using tools- hilarious!

Two, Two, Two Grips in ONE! It slices, dices and peels- you name it!

It’s funny-SEE!

Anyhow I am still hoping for that break out post!  Maybe a song and dance routine about my thesis à la Dance your Thesis?

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Dance! Dance! Dance!


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