#BlogArch December 2013: the good, the bad and the ugly of archaeology blogging


I am just in time to squeak in my response to this months #BlogArch Question(s) on the good, bad and the ugly of archaeology blogging.

I I’ve spent the month reading posts by others and am blown away by the high quality and professionalism of my fellow archaeology bloggers.  What a smart bunch of people!

I certainly related to many of the thoughts expressed by my fellow Archaeology Bloggers.

archaeologyoftombraider.com  writes of feeling like an impostor.   This had me all sad faces.  No need to worry on that front Tomb Raider- you are one hard working and dedicated blogger!

Tomb Raider also writes of her fear that she is “helping to promote an inaccurate representation of archaeology.”  Tomb Raider, if you’ve read Deathspanation’s post about how the Grampus Fairy needs to come for bad archaeologists, you know you are probably not on the list of naughty archaeologists, right?

Another post that rang true for me came from archyfantasies.com, who writes of problems related to opening himself up to public scrutiny and internet trolls.

Archaeology Fantasies has been posting anonymously for a while now and  gets  off colour comments pretty regularly.  My blog is not anonymous- fingers crossed that I will never have to make a video like this:

Thank You Hater! (by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay)

Or perhaps I should look forward to having to make something like that- who wouldn’t enjoy filming a dance routine in a tea shop!  A tea shop where the prices make no sense! Just kidding- any world with cake is alright with me.

Tea, is it £1 or £1.20?

Tea, is it £1 or £1.20?

Anyhow before I run out of hours in December 2013- here is my take on the good, the bad and the ugly of archaeology blogging!


For me- my blog was about moving past academic writing and find my voice as an archaeologist. Ultimately my goal was to use my passion for archaeology to teach others about the actual subject and practice of archaeology.

My goal is to eventually have a body of work that more than just my thesis committee can understand.

My goal is to eventually have a body of work that more than just my thesis committee can understand.
Thanks to PhD Comics for this image.

Fieldofwork.org is not perfect, nor is it meant to be- but I’m glad to be developping my blog as a forum where I can write about all things archaeological that catch my fancy.


Nothing too bad happened to me since starting my blog under a year ago (*knocks on wood*). In fact, blogging helped get me a job as a technical writer in my field (hooray!).

So far, the only bad things I’ve come up against are my own shortcomings and limitations. In trying to avoid being a perfectionist I often swing too far the other way and feel I’ve neglected doing in depth writing. I have definetly avoided doing ANY writing about my thesis topic- It’s just too soon for some topics.

Also, how much sarcasm is too much sarcasm? More on this as the situation develops.


I have yet to experience TROLLING- but I think that is because I have kept a pretty low profile blogwise. Naturally reticent, I tend to like waiting until I have things under control before I step out of my comfort zone- particularly when I am dealing with something I am passionate about. This is rediculous because my few interactions with fellow Archaeology Bloggers have been nothing but fantastic.

My own fear has been the ugliest thing about blogging so far, and that I can change.

Blogging has helped me regain the confidence and joy I used to get from writing and archaeology back in my pre PhD days. I really regret not blogging sooner!

Since my blog is relatively new and it started as a way for me to start enjoying writing again- I am not too worried about what the blog is today. What I have done with my blog so far, has helped me see where I want my blog to go.

So far blogging has been far from ugly, and more good than bad.  So no need for overly ironic emo rainbows….well maybe just one.

Thanks Emo-tional-me from DeviantART!

Thanks Emo-tional-me from DeviantART!

I look forward to working even harder on my blog in 2014!


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