Where it All Started

I was thinking the other day about when exactly I got interested in archaeology and history. I remembered a project in Grade 4 in which I explored future careers- apparently I wanted to be a historian.  Here I am today, an Archaeologist- well… close enough!

rock detective

Grade 4 is about the time I would have been studying Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome.

I certainly remember typing out projects on my sister’s Zenith laptop and the whirr of the dot matrix printer.

I remember tracing pictures Egyptian pectoral necklaces, Babylon’s Hanging Gardens.

I remember making various clay models of archaeological finds. Oh the hours of fun- If only I had pictures!

In Grade 4, my family also moved to Vancouver, and my dad’s books (of which there were many) were no longer located in the forbidden study.  Suddenly I had a whole basement full of books to explore!

In that basement, working very hard to overcome my my fear of spiders, I would sit for hours exploring those books.

I remember being quite affected by the images in Hutchinson’s Story of Nations– including one of children being thrown into a fire!

Are there other books that influenced me, school trips? I think I need to do some more research on exactly how I got distracted with history and archaeology.

Where did I go wrong- or right?


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